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History of Norcross

Scare yourself silly by visiting some of the most historic and spookiest spots around the southeast. Eat and shop or stroll
and shiver... Fridays and Saturdays this
OCTOBER 10&11, 17&18, 24&25th!         Tours Depart at 7 and 8:30 pm $10. for adults, $8. (12 yrs and under)

    Babes in strollers and Dogs who their owners on a leash may walk for free

   The 2014 Ticket Booth is Located on the Back Patio (along Skin Alley) of the 45 South Cafe at 45 South Peachtree Street Historic Downtown Norcross

"Start with my favorite little railroad town with an active afterlife."
-Sally Toole

 Norcross Paranormal, Stories by Sally, NorcrossPatch.com, and the Merchants of Norcross offer curious, fun, and educational ways to honor those for whom legends are made and tales are told.  Lore of the lingering and the laid to rest hang from these webpages, Browse them if you dare!

A passage on Norcross History
By Sally Toole, local author of Remembering Norcross: Nuggets of Nostalgia.
train whistle blows distant from the south. Soft at first listen, then it crescendos to a dish-rattling rumble assuring denizens that all is as it should be, as it has been, in Norcross, Georgia, for more than one hundred years. Since the late 1800's, children have scrambled alongside the tracks anxious to catch a glimpse of strong black engines powering past homes, churches and businesses.

Four settlements, Pinckneyville, Flint Hill, Beaver Ruin, and Mechanicsville, fed into the new town of Norcross, established by Jonathan Thrasher, a railroad man, who named the new town for his good friend, Jonathan Norcross, a business associate and the fourth mayor of Atlanta.  Just twenty miles north of Atlanta, the City of Norcross, incorporated on October 26, 1870, was a popular business center attracting farmers to the mills as well as a resort town to which Atlanta's elite escaped the dust of the big city.
A creepier passage from 'Souls of Norcross' by Sally Toole. and Will Aymerich...
    Calling Norcross home means learning tales of its past, enjoying its abundant canopy of trees, walking to the storefronts of downtown to shop or socialize, all the while recalling the lives of those who walked a similar path, becoming, as those departed souls have done over the last one hundred years, a part of its community as well as a part of its ever changing history.  Ghostly guide, Miss. Effie Nash, an upright southern lady who stepped off the Airline Belle with her husband around 1880, has seen many of the most dismaying changes from the porch of her third floor room at The Brunswick Hotel. A restless spook, Effie has witnessed frightful fires, hellish bulldozer, and greedy developer set in motion over 100 years of shocking transformations.  Being as she can’t recall ever checking out, Effie can spin spine chilling yarns about this little railroad town that boasts an active, though not necessarily demonic or diabolical, afterlife!
                   (Now Available in Hardback and Audio Versions)
                               'Norcross: Then and Now'
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